For most high school students, Summer is an awesome thing. It means freedom from supervision, freedom from work, or school. Freedom to do what they want, be with their friends, relax. I agree with most students that summer is great, and I am happy that school is over, but for me personally, there are many drawbacks. 

It is strange to be known so universally and yet to be so lonely.    -Albert Einstein

For me, the social aspect of summer is very tough. Other than on Facebook or text messaging, there is virtually no way for me to communicate with my peers at ETHS. While many teenagers “hang out” during the summer, that only really happens if you are part of a “group” I am one of the rare cases where I don’t have a group. During the school year this works, flying solo from group to group actually proves incredibly successful in terms of having connections and popularity. But, during the summer, it’s incredibly hard for me to hang out with anyone. Now, i’m not saying that summer is bad, but I do feel that the social aspect that I miss during the summer takes a toll on me, and makes me want to go back to school. I have tried this year to pursue my goal of getting a girlfriend in order to eradicate this loneliness, but I have failed in my pursuit (I’ll talk about this in later posts).

This leaves me bored, and with too much free time. During the summer, I remember the value of having close friends, and a group. I used to solve this problem by going to camp, notably Interlochen, where I did have close friends and a group. This summer, will be an interesting one, since it is my first at ETHS without attending camp. Here’s to another lonely summer!  






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